You have booked your accommodation at the Plitvice Holiday Resort! Excellent, we look forward to your arrival! To make your experience complete, we have prepared a small guide to attractions worth visiting during your holiday at the Plitvice Holiday Resort.


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a world’s gem gladly visited by people from all over the world. In addition to its natural beauty, some of its attractions were made or further beautified by the hard-working hands of the local people. While it may take you up to two days to fully tour the national oark, we have no doubt that you will stay even longer because there are so many activities inside the park, but also in the surrounding area, that you will want to see and experience each one.


The road to the Plitvice Lakes is beautiful in itself. As you approach the national park, the nature that surrounds the road invites you to enjoy it with each kilometre. If you are arriving from the north, take a break from driving and refresh on the limestone rocks of the magical Rastoke. While the mills diligently grind corn and wheat, make yourself comfortable in the early morning by the Vilina kosa waterfall, which is known for the legend of the fairies of Rastoke.

As you arrive at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where magic continues all year round, you will be welcomed by 16 turquoise lakes connected by a series of waterfalls and surrounded by dense forests with pristine flora and fauna. Colours, scents and sounds will enchant you during your walks along the paths full of wooden bridges, and during your electric boat or tourist train rides. In the Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is also a beech and fir rainforest, called Čorkova uvala. With its size of 80 hectares, it occupies three quarters of the Park and it is referred to as a rainforest because it was not managed previously. Informative billboards have been set up along the trails so that, in addition to the explorative side, the trails of the National Park also have an educative character and, thanks to their length, a recreational one as well.


In the Plitvice Lakes National Park you will feel like a true adventurer and explorer. But fear not, this is not a new Indiana Jones sequel and no matter how unreal all those tame natural beauties in front of you may seem, this is your real life. Enjoy it!

Sports and adrenaline lovers will enjoy sports activities in the pristine nature: trekking, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, rafting, fishing, zip line and many other activities in adrenaline parks – the choice is yours.


Fans of archaeology and speleology will be delighted by the Caves of Barać where stone axes and bracelets from the 7th century BC were found, while lovers of legends will enjoy a hidden cave on Lisna Hill, allegedly built by giants who lived in it. The lake called Veliko jezero, situated near the Buk waterfall of Rastoke, disappears every few years: if you are lucky, you may see this miraculous “bioreactor” surrounded by endemic and some yet undiscovered species.


Peek into the ethno village Korana, protected by UNESCO. With its traditional houses, river of the same name and crystal clear waterfalls, it looks like a place from a fairy tale.

Fans of knights will feel at home in the old town of Drežnik with its castle of the same name, mentioned for the first time in the 11th century. In Drežnik, discover a knight game of the Order of the Knights of the Old Town, historical stories and a spectacular view from the top. Just four kilometres from our Resort, there is a beautiful hiking trail that leads through the canyon of the Korana River where you can visit a 19th century mill still used today to grind grains from nearby fields.


Cheer up your inner gourmet by visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park and its region. Taste the best local products on the nearby family farms Čubrić, Čović, Turkalj and Eko Klanac. People of all ages will simple love seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses and all other local gastronomic products. For example, the Ranch Deer Valley on the family farm Bićanić is engaged in breeding red deer and fallow deer. It is located five kilometres from the Plitvice Holiday Resort and offers a tour of the farm including feeding wild animals, which makes children especially happy.
Whatever type of accommodation you choose at the Plitvice Holiday Resort – rooms, bungalows, mobile homes, apartments, glamping or camping – you will be delighted by local and modern, freshly prepared dishes and drinks from the Resort’s restaurant that you can try in the restaurant or by ordering food delivery. That way, you will secure the highest health and hygienic standards, and you will delight your taste buds in peace and quiet with a bit of romance.

If you are going north after your stay at the Plitvice Holiday Resort, visit the Aquatica freshwater aquarium in Karlovac. Children, young people, aquarists, scientists, but also everyone else, will especially enjoy the Karlovac Aquarium which proudly shows the richness of Croatian river flora and fauna in the city on the four rivers – Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra.


In the direction of the south and southwest, the National Parks of Northern Velebit, Paklenica and Kornati welcome you. Another interesting sight worth visiting is certainly Kuterevo, where you can get acquainted with the importance of protecting the bear habitat, and see up close orphan bears.


No matter which route to the Plitvice Holiday Resort you choose and which attractions you decide to visit, one thing is for sure – an unforgettable holiday guaranteed!