If you want to spend a couple of active and fun days with your employees, business partners, members of an association or club then the Plitvice Holiday Resort is the perfect place for you.
We will organize various games, interactive workshops, social gatherings and activities, with the main goal of encouraging teamwork and creative thinking, relaxation and fun. Many studies have shown the immediate link between successful communication and the efficiency of a company, and have confirmed that proper communication and a good team are essential preconditions for a successful business, which is the main goal for all of us, is it not?
We are located at the heart of beautiful, untouched nature, which means that the participants of teambuilding will feel more satisfied and relaxed just by staying at the Plitvice Holiday Resort. In addition, they will be able to work on improving their communication skills and relationships between team members, which will ultimately result in increased productivity and performance of your company, association, society and the like.
We already have a large number of successful teambuilding activities behind us, and these are only some of the companies we have worked with: HT, IKEA Hrvatska, Tele2, Dekra zapošljavanje, Manjgura, Rotoplast, Bakrotisak, Nielsen, Hon-ing, Agrokor, Orbico, Kraš, Coca cola, Tifon, Sunce osiguranje, Agram life and others. Visit us and see what we can do for you.