Are you looking for the perfect venue for your next team building event? Look no further than our special campsite located in the heart of nature, in the Plitvice Holiday Resort, not far from Plitvice Lakes National Park! Surrounded by lush greenery, our campsite offers a unique and unforgettable experience that will bring your team together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Venture camping with your colleagues

Avoid the monotony of traditional team building and immerse yourself in a truly unforgettable experience by embarking on a luxurious camping adventure with your colleagues. Our stunning tree and lakeside houses offer the perfect setting, where you can strengthen connections and improve teamwork in a peaceful and scenic setting. Say goodbye to boring hotel conference rooms and say hello to a unique networking experience that will leave a lasting impression on the entire team.

Baraćeve špilje

Activities perfect for team building

Our fun activities, designed to strengthen relationships and trust, will put a smile on every face and bring team members closer together.

Not only is our campsite special, but the surrounding area offers numerous opportunities for outdoor adventure such as kayaking, horseback riding, or biking – and there’s also an adrenaline park. Whether your team is looking for an exciting or a more laid-back experience, we have something for everyone.

Baraćeve špilje

 Join us and experience the beauty of nature and the great outdoors while building lasting connections with your colleagues. Our campsite will make a strong impression, providing an experience that you’ll remember for a long time.