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25% discount on wellness

Plitvice Holiday Resort gives your guests a 25% discount on the use of wellness.
The price for two hours of enjoyment for individuals, couples or a group of up to 8 people with a discount is 900 kn (120 €) for renting the entire wellness facility. The regular price is 1200 kn (160 €).

You can make your reservation at the reception.


Camping card holders

The price includes 2 people and a pitch in the camp (possibly a pet)
Prices are valid only upon the presentation of the appropriate camping card.
The cards to which the prices refer are: ACSI camping card, Camping Key, ADAC camping card, CCI, Motor camps
Price from 22,00 € already includes 1 camper or 1 caravan or car and tent …

Please do not hesitate to contact our reservation office at the following e-mail address: info@plitvice.com for any additional info.