The area between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Lička Plješivica was hit by an extreme drought. The effects of the drought were so great that people begged for at least a drop of water. Their prayers were heard by the Black Queen, who stepped out of her fairy fortress on Velebit and promised to send them rain.
She fulfilled her promise and heavy rain came down, along with stormy winds and loud thunder. The rain was pouring for so long and so hard that lakes began to form along the riverbed. The first in a series of 16 lakes was named Prošćansko, and according to the legend, its name signifies an expression of gratitude to the Black Queen to whom the local population “prayed” for rain.
Since the rain did not cease, Lake Galovac overflowed and, in fear of a flood, people sought help from the Black Queen once again. Afterwards, the winds calmed down, the rain began to ease off, and numerous waterfalls continued pouring out of Galovac, including the highest Plitvice waterfall – 28 meters high Galovački buk.

Even if you do not believe in legends such as the one about the Black Queen, you must have come across a legend about the beauty of Plitvice, the beauty that takes your breath away.
It is the largest and most visited national park in Croatia. Apart from being the oldest Croatian national park (as of April 8, 1949), the Plitvice Lakes can also boast of being a UNESCO World Heritage site, which it became back in 1979.
In the past, the Plitvice Lakes were known as the Devil’s Garden. Although it might at first sound a bit harsh, the name is an indication of admiration that local residents felt towards this natural, karst phenomenon.
The first written record of Plitvice dates back to 1777, when it was mentioned by a pastor from the nearby town of Otočac – Dominik Vukasović. Historians have never agreed on the origin of its name, but two theories prevail. According to the first one, the name derives from the word “pličina”, meaning shallow pools, associating it with the limestone precipitation process, which eventually resulted in the formation of the lakes. The other theory relies on the name of a small river Plitvice, which flows into the Plitvice Lakes, according to which the nearby village was named Plitvice as well.


A complex of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams

There are 16 named and a few smaller, unnamed, cascade lakes situated on slightly less than 300 square kilometres of forested areas of the Croatian mountain region. Although the lakes are the most attractive part of the park, they actually occupy less than 1% of its total area. The area is predominated by dense green vegetation, while some parts are covered in pastures.

Lakes are divided into two groups – the Upper and the Lower. Apart from being different in altitude, they were created in different ways as well. The Upper Lakes, dominated by Lake Prošćansko, Lake Galovac and the largest Lake Kozjak, were formed on impermeable dolomite rock. The Lower Lakes, as for example Lake Milanovac and Lake Gavanovac, were formed in permeable limestone substrate. The canyon of the river Korana, which continues its flow towards the towns of Slunj and Karlovac, was formed right next to the Lower Lakes.

More than a million visitors that visit this national park each year is a clear indicator of the value and importance of the Plitvice Lakes, as well as their surroundings. In addition to the lakes and waterfalls that you can enjoy inside the park, the surrounding area of Plitvice offers numerous activities to all those who are looking for some fresh air, escape from the city crowds, break from daily duties and routines, and an active vacation in the heart of one of the greenest regions of Croatia.

An active vacation

Rarely does a region in Croatia offer so many options for an active vacation as Gorski Kotar, and especially the area of Plitvice. Thanks to its rich natural landscapes and variety of plants and animals, Plitvice offers many opportunities for exploration.
Bicycle lovers will enjoy cycling trails leading across the slopes of Plješivice or the Plitvice valley. Discover the river Matica and explore the remains of the medieval fortress Mrsinj. Test your endurance at the Adria Bike Marathon Plitvice. The area of Plitvice has over 100 kilometres of marked cycling trails, some of which are located in the municipality of Rakovica and others in the municipality of Korenica.
If hiking or trekking is your favourite activity, the region of Plitvice will not leave you indifferent. The already mentioned medieval fortress Mrsinj can also be explored by conquering a 2.5 km long hiking trail, which will take you about an hour and 20 minutes. Save your energy for the end because the last 5 minutes of the hike will take place on the steepest part of the trail.
A real climb waits for you within the National Park itself, where you can climb a bypass trail that connects the Upper and the Lower Lakes. The hike lasts for about three and a half hours. This trail, named the Educational-Recreational Trail Plitvica, is 9 kilometres long. Lovers of rivers will enjoy a somewhat easier, 5 km long, trail in Rakovica, which runs through the canyon of river Korana – from the town of Drežnik to the village Čatrnje.
More experienced hikers can try to conquer Gole Plješivice – the northernmost part of the Lička Plješivica massif, which is part of the mountain range Dinara. The trail is about 13.6 kilometres long and lasts for approximately 5 hours on average. At the end of the climb, one can enjoy an impressive view from the altitude of 1648 meters.
If you decide to go for a long walk instead, we recommend that you take the Educational-Recreational Trail Čorkova Bay. By walking through hidden areas of the National Park, you will reach a beech and fir forest spreading over 80 hectares of land.
A horseback riding school, several-hour excursions, several days of horseback riding – all of it can be found in this region. Everyone that visits Plitvice and its surroundings has a chance to explore the area of rivers Gacka and Lika, the Krbava Field, the Velebit Nature Park and the Northern Velebit National Park.

An adrenaline vacation

If an “adrenaline rush” is what you are looking for, try a zip line! Even two of these can be found near the National Park! Within the sports and recreational centre Bijeli vrh, at the western border of the National Park, there is a zip line named Pazi Medo, which provides a unique experience of observing untouched nature at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. With its length of 1700 meters, this zip line is the longest one in Europe! In addition, the centre also offers artificial rock climbing for both children and adults, cycling trails and disc golf – an unusual combination of golf and Frisbee throwing.
The Adrenaline Park Plitvice is located in Selišće Drežničko, 3 kilometres from the main entrance to the National Park. Their zip line is 300 meters long and can reach the maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour. While descending, one can enjoy the views of the canyon of river Korana.


Surrounding towns and cities

Although Plitvice itself is beautiful, there is still a lot to admire in its vicinity. For example, the river Korana, which has its source at the foot of Plitvice Lakes and flows towards the town of Slunj. The town is located on the main road leading to the Plitvice Lakes and further to the coast. Slunj bases its distinctiveness and tourist attractiveness on the river Korana. Numerous swimmers use the river to take a break from the summer heat, and kayaking and canoeing are a standard part of this city’s offer.
Perhaps more famous than Slunj is its suburban settlement Rastoke, which is often called “The Small Lakes of Plitvice” due to the numerous lakes, rapids and waterfalls created by the river Slunjčica before flowing into Korana. It can be said that Rastoke was a true water-village in the past due to its numerous water mills, many of which are preserved to this day.

The old town of Drežnik, located not far from Plitvice, is worth mentioning as well. The first Drežnik reference dates back to the 11th century. The town played its most important role as a defensive ground at the time of Turkish conquests. Drežnik was seized and destroyed several times, which did leave a mark on the city, however, despite the damages, it has been successfully rebuilt.
All these natural beauties and attractions can best be explored with the help of quality accommodation, which will give you the most needed rest during breaks between sports activities and tours. All that you could possibly need for an active holiday in the heart of Lika can be found at the Plitvice Holiday Resort!

About us

As indicated by the resort’s name, we are located close to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, more precisely, 8 kilometres from its main entrance. If coming from the direction of Zagreb, you will be able to arrive in less than two hours by taking state roads E65 / E71 and D1. If you are arriving from the coast, or you decide to extend your holiday at our resort and choose to go even further south, you should take the already mentioned state road D1.
Next to the Plitvice Lakes is the North Velebit National Park, located an hour and a half from the camp. The same amount of time is needed to reach the Paklenica National Park. The Plitvice Holiday Resort is an ideal base for day trips to some of the biggest natural attractions in Croatia.


The resort itself is surrounded by untouched nature without any industry or pollution in its vicinity. The rivers flowing through this region – Korana, Mrežnica and Slunjčica – have preserved the clearness of water precisely because of the previously mentioned. Numerous speleological monuments, including the most famous Caves of Barać and Matešić Caves, will make a special addition to your stay with us.
In order for our offer to be tailored to each guest’s needs, we provide several different types of accommodation. Camping pitches, bungalows, apartments, rooms, mobile homes, Indian tents, tree houses or lake houses – all of this can be found at the resort! The only thing you have to do is select your type of accommodation from a wide offer of the Plitvice Holiday Resort.


Why camping?

If you have never before been to a camp, it is time to decide to finally take that step! Here is why:
• Camping helps our circadian clock to bring its rhythm back to normal, which successfully eliminates insomnia problems and traces of everyday stress.
• Since you will probably spend more time in the sun during your active holiday, your daily vitamin D intake will increase.
• An active vacation will increase your physical activity as well, which will have a positive effect on your body.
• Increased physical activity and spending time in the sun and fresh air contribute to the production of serotonin – a hormone of happiness. Believe it or not, camping makes us happier!

Special attention is given to the youngsters. Camping presents a number of challenges for children, those they do not encounter on a daily basis, such as setting up a tent or behaving responsibly while in nature. They will get to know the wildlife, learn something about the rules of conducting themselves in nature, and will return home with a lot of newly gained experience that only this type of accommodation can provide.
Staying in nature is ideal for organizing teambuilding activities as well. Gather your colleagues and come to the Plitvice Holiday Resort, where you will strengthen your team spirit and improve mutual communication through a series of different activities. By practicing teamwork within organized activities and by relaxing during leisure time, you will become an even better, more efficient and more productive collective. This can be confirmed by companies that have already organized their teambuilding activities at our resort: IKEA Croatia, HT, Tele2, Rotoplast, Nielsen, Maistra, Orbico, Kraš, Coca-Cola and many others.


Our camp pitches are equipped with electrical outlets, and part of them with water connections and drains. We also provide sanitary facilities, washing machines, dryers, irons and ironing boards. High temperatures will not bother you even in the summer months, thanks to a dense forest surrounding our pitches. You can share your vacation photos and videos with friends and family via free Wi-Fi that is available throughout the resort.
Next to camping pitches, you can find modern rooms and an apartment that is equipped with air conditioning, a dishwasher, oven and LCD TV. The bathrooms have underfloor heating. The apartment can accommodate 5 persons.
Sixteen double rooms represent an ideal solution for guests that prefer a hotel-type accommodation. In addition to the basic bed & breakfast accommodation, you can also choose a half-board or full-board type of service. Each room has its own sanitary facility and a satellite TV, so as to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in our restaurant.


Have you already heard about “a step further” in the camping world? The term glamping was created by combining words glamorous and camping, describing a style of camping that includes a more luxurious accommodation than traditional camping. Imagine a combination of living in nature with all the comforts you are accustomed to in your home – this is glamping!
If you like camping, but you feel it lacks bed comfort and an equipped kitchen, or you want to try camping for the first time but you are not sure that traditional camping is the right choice for you, glamping is exactly what you need. Forget about the fear of cold strong winds or unbearable heat, sharing a sanitary facility with other guests or adapting to living conditions in a crowded space. You will enjoy your stay in complete comfort and have all the benefits of nature surrounding the Plitvice Holiday Resort within hand’s reach.

Lake houses

Lovers of traditional type of vacation accommodation, the one that could be seen in movies and TV series when we were children, will surely enjoy our houses by the lake. Designed to accommodate two persons, a house next to a lake is ideal for a romantic nature getaway. Waking up in the morning will be marked by the smell of surrounding forests, while you sip your first coffee and enjoy views of the lake from the house terrace. The lake house is an idyllic vacation oasis hidden in the shade of trees that surround it. Leave everyday worries behind and get in touch with the nature at the doorstep of your lake house!

glamping kućica na jezeru

Tree houses

For those looking for a unique experience, we have prepared something quite special. Sit back and enjoy the view from your tree house! The tree house is a true childhood dream that we are turning into reality. Make the most of your vacation and restore old memories of building, or at least dreaming of building, a tree house by yourself.
Designed to provide you with everything you need but without any unnecessary additions that would disrupt the experience of nature that surrounds you, the tree house represent an ideal combination of the traditional and the modern. Whether you are arriving for a romantic getaway weekend with your partner, friends, or for a family vacation with kids, staying at a tree house is a memory that you will remember for the rest of your life. The tree house, located high up in the pine trees, can accommodate up to four adults and one child, without fear of waiting in line for the bathroom, because each of our tree houses has two! You can use your tree house terrace in between breaks from activities in order to relax and surf the web.

Mobile homes

Refreshment can always be found in our pool, which is closest to the ones who choose to stay in our mobile homes right next to the pool! Mobile homes are luxuriously equipped and can accommodate up to four adults and two children. The terrace is equipped with a seating set, which is ideal for sunbathing and drinking coffee or beer after taking a swim.

glamping kućica na bazenu
glamping tipi šatori

The Indian Village

If, instead, you want to be as close as possible to nature, to mingle with it and use all your senses to enjoy the scents and sounds of Lika, try camping in teepee tents at our Indian village!
Although interesting to people of all ages, teepee tents will bring particular pleasure to the youngest ones. Teepee tents have for some time now been a true trend among children, and will provide your little ones with hours and hours of imaginative games. An ambience like the one in a true Indian village gives the best possible atmosphere, whether you are on a school trip, a teambuilding gathering, socializing with friends or vacationing with a partner. Each teepee tent consists of an outer and inner canvas, which are separated from one another so that the airflow between them creates thermal insulation. They have a firm structure, so you do not have to worry about safety – wind and rain are not a threat to your vacation in teepee tents!
Each tent can accommodate up to 4 persons and contains 4 chests for clothes and a table for your social gatherings. A shared sanitary facility is located near the tent. In order to make a connection with nature that is still adapted to the 21st century, a free Wi-Fi is available as well.

When you want to replace the city hustle and bustle with a vacation for both the soul and the body that only Lika can provide, contact us and book your camping pitch, house or apartment. Our staff at the Plitvice Holiday Resort is waiting for you!