The diversity of cultural heritage


If you are looking for natural beauty, such as caves, rivers and lakes, untouched coniferous forests or historical city centres from the times of the first Croatian kings,
you can find all this, and more, in the vicinity of the ‘Plitvice holiday resort’.
The Plitvice Lakes National Park and the village of Rastoke have for long been internationally renowned attractions.
As the entire region has no industrial pollutants, the wildlife is exceptionally well preserved.

Ethno village Rastoke

At the inflow of Slunjčica into Korana, the nature played a game and created a magic that is often called „an introduction to Plitvice“. The beautiful village of Rastoke is located on the limestone rocks close to the Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa waterfalls. The first houses in this magnificent natural environment were built around three hundred years ago, and this harmony of nature and man was included in the registry of cultural monuments of the Regional Institute for cultural protection in Zagreb in 1969. The traditional wooden architecture, immersed in waterfalls, is something you really should not miss! Rastoke is located 20 km from the Plitvice Holiday Resort.

Old town Drežnik

This small town close to the Plitvice lakes is an important part of the Croatian history. The old castle of Drežnik was first mentioned in the 11th century. Its masters were the dukes of Nelipić, Gising, Babonić and Šubić. From 1323 to the mid 16th century, it was governed by the Frankopan family. During the Turkish conquest Drežnik was a very important defence stronghold, which was conquered, demolished and renovated times and times again. In 1866, the emperor sold the Drežnik castle to a tradesman who started to demolish its walls and sell them as construction material. The Rakovica community created the sanation project. The external part has already been renovated.
The old town of Drežnik is located 6 km from the Plitvice Holiday Resort.

The Memorial Centre of Nikola Tesla

In 2006, the town of Gospić, guided by the desire to preserve the figure and work of Nikola Tesla, opened the Memorial Centre of Nikola Tesla in Smiljan on July 10, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla.
A multimedia exhibition was set up in a house that Tesla was born in, which was the first such project or approach to this scientist’s life in the Republic of Croatia. The ground floor is dedicated to the historical review of Tesla’s life, where it presents to the visitors a day of his life in relation to concurrent world events in a chronologically and visually insightful way. The exhibition uses photographs, written documents and quotes from Tesla’s autobiography titled “My Inventions”, all accompanied by sound and video projections bringing us back to Tesla’s childhood. The attic space of Tesla’s home is dedicated to his inventions, also accompanied by video projections and sounds that give visitors the feeling that they are standing in Tesla’s laboratory.
The Memorial Centre of Nikola Tesla is located 80 km from the Plitvice Holiday Resort.

Fairy tales route Ogulin

Did you know that fairy tales have long been told to adults only? In reality, both the little ones and the big ones like fairy tales. If a child found itself in the company of an adult – he or she would overhear some parts of these stories. The more we move away from the old days and approach the present, we may notice that fairy tales are first told to the little ones. The truth is, today both children and adults like to listen to fairy tales and stories.
The narrative fairy tale route dedicated to the town of Ogulin consists of visiting localities and attractions that were an inspiration to Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić in writing her short story collection titled Croatian Tales of Long Ago. This route combines her literary work and main attractions of Ogulin, such as Đula’s Abyss, the Dobra river, the Klek mountain, the city centre with the Frankopan Castle…The narrative fairy tale route in Ogulin has been experienced by thousands of both little and big visitors, who brought back home this region’s stories and fairy tales as souvenirs.
The town of Ogulin is located 60 km from the Plitvice Holiday Resort.


Historical grain ship

In the village of Brođani, about 15 kilometers from Karlovac, there is the Grain Boat Zora – a historic ship that sailed in the 18th century on the river Kupa and transported grain. Embark on a boating trip and experience a unique view of nature from a riverboat. In addition to the enchanting nature that surrounds you as you sail, you will also be delighted by the hosts who will prepare homemade shopping cookies, a welcome drink and introduce you to the rich history of the path of the grains and the river Kupa.