The beginning of Autumn is an ideal time for an adventure-filled vacation with family or friends in nature in one of the most beautiful areas of Croatia. Surrounded by lush forest, close to the Plitvice National Park and Barač Caves, Plitvice Holiday Resort is the perfect starting point for unforgettable experiences. The unique ambiance and views from our resort and traditional Lika dishes in our restaurant will guarantee a great stay.

Do you remember dreaming of a treehouse when you were younger where you could escape into your world of imagination? Surely, you couldn’t have imagined that this house would have free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, two bathrooms and bedrooms, a kitchen with a refrigerator and washing machine, air conditioning, and a terrace for up to four people. Our tree houses have it all and are designed for absolute comfort and elegant relaxation.

We have just created a special promotional offer that includes two nights in a treehouse and exploration of the beauty of the Mrežnica waterfalls by kayak for up to four people. The regular price for the same package would be 6972 kn (930 €), while the special promotional price is 4999kn (667 €), so you get a 28% discount.

If you are more comfortable with your foot on the ground, we have a similar promotional deal including a two-night stay at mobile homes that include the same level of comfort and facilities as the treehouses, overlooking the pool and the surrounding area. The exploration of the beautiful Mrežnica waterfalls by kayak for up to four people is also included. The regular price for the same package would be 4160 kn (555 €), while the special promotional price is 2459 kn (328 €) or an amazing 40% discount.

Kayaking the Mrežnica River

Beyond the main tourist attractions, hidden in a rural area, between Rastoke Waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes National Park is the Mrežnica River. In the canyon, dense forest covers the area, surrounded by cliffs where you can reach 10 waterfalls and 4 rapids only by boats. During this trip, we will make several stops which will give you a chance to swim in the pristine river and jump off waterfalls from 1 meter high to 8-meter ones! For the less adventurous, you can swim behind the waterfalls, kayak over them, paddle behind them, cool off in the river, and enjoy unspoiled nature around you.

To participate in this great promotion you need to follow the link below, scroll down to the bottom of our offers and book your accommodation with a special adventure package. The price includes all the necessary equipment. Transportation from the resort to the starting point of kayaking is not included in the price.

Special note:

Your safety is our number one priority, and you can check all questions or concerns about travelling to Croatia on the official website of the Ministry of the Interior. To make your arrival and stay in the country easier, please fill out the online form before your departure.