Paradise for families in wooden tree house in the pine trees, Plitvice Holiday Resort

Need a family escape from the city noise? Then, Plitvice Holiday Resort is your go-to place. It’s perfect for families looking to escape the hustle of city life. Now, the season is quiet, and the resort and its surroundings offer an intimate and peaceful experience. It’s a no-brainer option if you really want to unwind.

Your Family’s Quiet Corner

The resort is your family’s serene spot. Choose from our cozy bungalows to modern mobile homes, all designed so that every family can find their perfect fit. During the low season, the resort is even quieter, offering a more personal touch. Bond and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Engaging Activities

With playgrounds and on-site chill-out zones, we ensure our youngest guests are happily busy and never bored. Feeling like going outside the resort? No problem. The surrounding area has a world of activities suitable for all ages. From thrilling biking, trekking, and hiking trails to cultural treasures waiting to be explored, there’s an option for everyone.

Natural Wonders on the Doorstep

National Park Plitvice Lakes aerial view

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is almost on the doorstep. Its emerald lakes, stunning waterfalls, and lush forests define tranquility. Visiting in the off-season means less crowds and more peace. Explore walking trails, have a picnic by the water, and admire the sensational view.

Special Offers to Enhance Your Stay

We have some special offers in store for you. Sounds good? Read on and find out more.

Luxury Weekend Offer!

Spring season is a call to be a part of nature’s revival. That’s why we’ve crafted special weekend deals. Run away from urban noise into this peaceful oasis. Take this chance to unwind, breathe in the fresh spring air, and rejuvenate all your senses. Available until March 25, 2024, it’s your moment to experience the magic of spring at Plitvice.

Long Stay Special!

Extend your getaway and save up to 15% with our long-stay offer, valid for vacations of five nights or more. More time means more memories.

Ready for Your Quiet Escape?

If a peaceful break from the city is what you’re after, Plitvice Holiday Resort is waiting. With the comfort of our resort’s accommodations, your family can enjoy a truly tranquil getaway.
Now, in the off-season, is the perfect time to visit. Indulge in out-of-this-world tranquility, explore the remarkable natural beauty, and create cherished memories with your family.
Why wait any longer? Visit the Plitvice Holiday Resort website today and plan your family’s peaceful escape to this Croatian paradise. A quiet, picture-perfect, and restful retreat is waiting just for you. Click here and book your escape.