Electric cars have become an inevitability and one of the fastest-growing trends in the automotive industry. However, the supporting infrastructure failed to keep up with the rapid development and sale of electric cars, so it happened that some important roads did not have adequate charging stations and often electric car owners had to carefully plan their trip to get to their destination. One of the less covered routes was the “old” sea road or the popular D1, which did not have a single charging station from Karlovac to Zadar, and was therefore often “avoided” by electric vehicle owners, despite numerous attractions and unique landscapes.

We are pleased to say that this has come to an end because with the partner support of HEP in the scope of the eMobility project, which is financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds, a charging station for electric cars has just been opened within Plitvice Holiday Resort. The filling station is located in the so-called plug-and-charge mode that makes it as easy to use as possible for all users of electric vehicles, and charging is still free of charge, which will change with the recent commercialization of the service.


At the moment, identification points for “unlocking” are needed at the charging station, and it is enough to use any contactless RFID card (normal bank cards work).
Technical characteristics of the filling station and instructions for use:
• Type of charging station: AC
• Charging power: 2x22kW
• Charging method: Plug & Charge, the vehicle owner must have his standardized Mennekes cable
• The e-mobility project aims to expand the available charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Charging at filling stations in HEP’s network is still free of charge, and soon the customer service will be improved by creating a 24/7 customer service, switching to a mobile application that will be able to search locations, filling station statuses, and start/end charging, and after commercialization services and make payments.
• The e-mobility project in the Republic of Croatia is still in the development phase, and given the current network of charging stations and the different duration of charging depending on vehicles, users and the public are asked to use parking spaces next to charging stations only for charging. available to others.


We invite owners of electric vehicles to fearlessly discover the beauties of the Plitvice region and recharge their electric pets at the Plitvice Holiday Resort.