COVID-19 travel recommendations and tips

In order to reduce the travel stress of our guests during the pandemic and make it easier for you to prepare for the trip and stay out of the safety of your home, we have prepared travel tips and recommendations for you to get to your destination safely, while for the safety during your stay at the Plitvice Holiday Resort is cared for by experienced staff and working procedures confirmed by the internationally recognized certificate (DEKRA) on the reliability of the facility, and the label „Stay safe in Croatia“, as a confirmation of safety protocols in tourism and hospitality, in addition to all anti-epidemiological measures prescribed by health institutions of the Republic of Croatia.

Tips before departure

On the European Commission’s ‘Re-open EU’ website, you can find information on travel within the borders of the European Union, the situation at border crossings and all available means of transport and tourist services in the Member States of the European Union.

We recommend foreign citizens who intend to stay in the Republic of Croatia to submit their personal data in advance via the website in order to shorten the waiting time for crossing the state border.

You can check the condition of the main roads, border crossings and other frequent passenger routes at any time on the cameras of the Croatian Auto Club.

For all additional information about the corona virus in the Republic of Croatia, visit

We wish you a happy journey and a carefree vacation.

Plitvice Holiday Resort


Coronavirus testing notice

PCR testing locations:

  • Luscic Barracks, Karlovac

Sampling is at the location: former barracks Luščić, Karlovac – entrance at the intersection of Lušćić Street and Ljudevita Šestića Street. Traffic regulation will take you to the building. If you are coming by car, park in front of the tent and turn off the vehicle. Don’t get out of the car. If you are coming on foot, report to the reception counter. You need to come to the test WITH A MASK!

Antigen testing sites:

  • Health Center, Slunj
  • Luscic Barracks, Karlovac

Testing price (on own request, without referral):

  • PCR in Croatian HRK 500.00
  • PCR in English HRK 625.00
  • Antigenic HRK 150.00

Antigen testing in Slunj – is carried out for people with a referral and at their own request (in which case the testing is paid 150.00 kn). Testing is carried out from 09:00 every working day from the back of the facility of the Health Center Slunj, Plitivčka 18 a – entrance to the pediatric surgery – follow the signs and arrows when approaching the facility! Pre-ordering is not required, it is necessary to come at 09:00 and follow the instructions, all responders will be tested.

You have been tested for SARS-CoV-2 and tested positive or have been in contact with a person who is positive for coronavirus and need answers to the following questions:

  • What is the procedure for people in isolation and how long should I be in isolation?
  • Should I be in self-isolation? How to determine the beginning and end of self-isolation?
  • Which of my family members and acquaintances should be in self-isolation?
  • Do I need to be tested?
  • How to inform the employer?

You can get answers on +385 99 547 2091 and +385 99 547 2088 from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 15:00.



Coronavirus in Kroatien