High temperatures and crowded beaches have made even those who love the Mediterranean climate consider camping in the continental part of Croatia. If you’re still not quite sure about it, we have a solution for you –our camping experience has now been upgraded to the level of luxury!

A glamping oasis of luxurious tree houses and lakeside houses
Traditional tent and trailer camping used to look something like this: we packed our things, found a perfect location under a dense tree canopy, and camping with the family by a campfire could begin! Although this might sound idyllic, camping in nature is not for everyone: those with more refined tastes can now opt for a glamping holiday. At the Plitvice Holiday Resort, you can have a luxurious camping experience that combines a high level of comfort with a stay that’s in touch with nature.

A place of unique and unforgettable gourmet delights
Is there a better way to connect with somewhere than tastingits local cuisine? The restaurant of the Plitvice Holiday Resort is a true gourmet’s paradise where you can enjoy an original atmosphere and varied offer that is sure to delight every visitor. When preparing our dishes, we pay special attention to the freshness and rich taste of the local ingredients, as well as the tradition of preparing them according to our grandmothers’ recipes.
Try a different kind of holiday, in the region of Croatia’s oldest and largest national park – Plitvice Lakes – and enjoy a luxurious camping experience at the Plitvice Holiday Resort!

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