An active vacation for all types of adventurers

The best of natural sites

Cycling, hiking, trekking, archery, fishery, zipline or riding?

Kilometers of cycling trails, trekking and hiking paths surround the camp area. Paintball, rafting, archery, zipline and riding, as well as fishery, are organized and guided.


Do you want to rush through meadows and forests or are you up for a ride on low-traffic local roads? Within a radius of 20 km there are a number of cultural and natural attractions, with Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke as the highlight of the offer. The whole area is full of clearly marked bike paths, while in the immediate vicinity of the resort there are 5 of them with a total length of over 60 km. In the resort, you can rent electric bicycles, electric scooters, as well as ordinary bicycles and get to know the Plitvice Valleys in the best possible way.


Put on your protection suit and mask, take your rifle and run after your enemy! There are two paintball grounds (of different sizes) very close to the Plitvice holiday resort.

Horse and carriage ride

Where the paved road ends and the natural expanses where man is a guest begin, discover the charms of amazing animals. Whether you’re an experienced rider or you’ve only seen a horse in pictures, don’t miss hanging out with these noble animals. Riding for beginners and experienced riders or if you want to experience something more relaxed, a cowboy carriage ride is an experience not to be forgotten. In Plitvice Holiday Resort you can ride horses or take a carriage ride to Barač’s Caves or Sirana Turkalj.


The Mrežnica River is as crated for kayaking. In summer months you can enjoy beautiful safari expedition in K2 kayaks exploring all beauties of this clear river. The river’s speed and height rise and with them the adrenalin in the blood with the first major rainfall. The price includes all necessary equipment.


Clean and fast-flowing Lika and Korduna are ideal rivers for rafting. You only have to decide whether to conquer Korana, Mrežnica or Una, and how much adrenaline you are ready for. Rafting adventures are organized at Korana, Mrežnica and Una, with an option of three-day adrenaline packages as well. Highly recommended!

Zip line

For those who seek for the great rush of adrenaline there is stretched a zip line across the Korana canyon on the edge of National Park Plitvice Lakes. Settle into a comfortable seat and ‘fly’ above the river Korana more than 50 km/h. Downhill length is 300 meters.
If this seems too slow, the longest zipline in this part of Europe is located only 35 km from the resort. Its length is 1.8 km and its descending speed can reach over 100 km/h.

Adrenalin park Ogi

Start your adventure in the adrenaline park Ogi located along the road D1, 5 km away from Plitvice Holiday Resort. The adrenaline park offers the possibility of fun for the whole family. Try climbing and walking through a roping range, feel a free fall on a giant swing or try shooting at a target with professional bows and arrows or airsoft rifles with optics, and for those looking for more adrenaline, there are paintball games and quad riding.


Brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, pike, catfish, chub, common barbel, pomfret and nase are just several of the fish species that can be caught in cold, extremely clean and relatively fast-flowing rivers Slunjčica, Korana and Mrežnica. You may go fishing in a private or organized arrangement but, as in the rest of the country, fishing requires a permit.
The organized type of fishing includes a professional guide that takes you to best fishing spots.
In Slunj, you can fish on rivers Korana, Mrežnica and Glina. The local waters are managed by the Sportfishing Club ‘Slunjčica’.

Hiking & Trekking

Hills and mountains in the surrounding of the Plitvice Holiday Resort are ideal for trekking and hiking. On numerous trails that cross the local river canyons you will feel the true nature. From Rakovica to Stari grad you can follow the 2 km long educational path with the altitude difference of 50 m. There are also several trails inside the national park, as well as hiking trails leading to the top of Plješivica (1657m).

4×4 safari

One of the best ways to explore this region of Croatia is to have a joyful ride in terrain vehicles. A Land Rover will take you to the highest peak of Plješivica (1648 m), at the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from which you can go back to the past by visiting the “Objekt 505”, i.e. the Željava Air Base and Tito’s Villa. After taking a walk through the past, this exploration ends at the waterfalls of river Korana.


Since the 80s of the last century, skiing has been included in the winter tourist offer of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Its ski resort is located near the state road DC429, in the village of Mukinje. It is situated around 2.5 km from the Entrance 2 and the hotel complex of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and about 5 km from the Entrance 1 and the well-known restaurant Lička Kuća, in the direction towards the Adriatic coast. The ski resort has a ski lift with a transport capacity of up to 400 skiers per hour, which takes them to a clearing located at about 700 m above sea level. From there the ski slopes lead to the base, which is located at about 640 m above sea level. The slopes are approximately 400 m long. In addition to skiing and boarding, it is possible to climb to the top and sledge down the slope.