Sometimes we have had enough of everything, sometimes we want to distance ourselves from everyone, and sometimes circumstances force us to do so. Whenever and for whatever reason you want to escape, the Plitvice Holiday Resort, where only your rules apply, has been your ideal haven for 52 years now. Romantically situated away from all the chaos, fantastically blended into a fairy-tale nature, and yet so well connected to the whole of Europe, this unforgettable escape is available to you all year round.

The Plitvice Lakes change their spectacular landscape with each month, and with your every visit – because the first visit to the Resort is never the last – you can change the scenery of your escape. Do you remember when you dreamed as a small child of a tree house where you could escape into your own world of imagination? Surely you couldn’t even imagine that this house could have free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, two bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchen with refrigerator and washing machine, air conditioning and a terrace for four people, but our tree houses have it all and are designed for absolute comfort and elegant relaxation. Of course you don’t have to cook – just wish for it and all your gourmet wishes and desires will be delivered from the restaurant directly to your tree.

A romantic lake house for two? Just go ahead, spend hours on a terrace and let your love idyll reflect in a shimmering water around you. In summer, feel free to jump in and freshen up; in winter, rather bring ice skates! Highly equipped mobile homes with terraces for endless enjoyment, children’s favourite Indian tents in which the whole family experiences the most legendary adventure of a lifetime – of course, with a playground and a newly built pool nearby – rooms, bungalows and apartments. In our Resort, accommodation facilities are tailored to all tastes and needs.

You have a café nearby, a pool bar and a restaurant with irresistible specialties of the traditional Lika and modern Croatian cuisine, but don’t worry, you don’t have to go among other people if you don’t want to: we will deliver your coffee, wine or beer, breakfast, lunch or dinner directly to your perfect little paradise.

In the magical nature and perfectly safe comfort of the Plitvice Holiday Resort, it is easy to think that you are the only one in the world. It may not be so, but you can rest assured that you are the most important to us!